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Mulberry Twigs (Sangzhi)

Pharmaceutical Name:

Ramulus Mori

Botanical Name:

Morus alba L.

Common Name:

Morus branch, Mulberry twigs

Source of Earliest Record:

Bencao Tujing

Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations:

The tender branches are gathered at the end of spring or the beginning of summer; then they are dried in the sun and cut into slices.

Properties and Taste:

Bitter and neutral




To dispel wind and dampness
To clear the collaterals

Indications and Combinations:

Wind-damp obstruction syndrome manifested as rheumatic pain and spasm of the limbs.

*Use with alone or with Tetrandra root (Fangji), Chaenomeles fruit (Mugua) and Chinese starjasmine (Luoshiteng).


10-30 g


This herb should be used cautiously in cases with deficient yin syndrome.