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Herbs That Invigorate Blood and Resolve Blood Stagnation

These herbs harmonize blood, promote blood circulation, resolve blood stagnation, reduce swelling and stop pain. Blood stagnation has various causes, and herbs from other categories should be added to the formulas based upon these causes. If blood stagnation is due to contraction from cold and Qi stagnation, herbs that warm the interior and dispel cold should be combined. If the blood stagnation is caused by damage to the yin and blood due to excessive heat, herbs that clear heat and cool blood should be added to the formula. If the stagnation is de to invasion by pathogenic wind-damp, herbs that dispel wind-damp should be added.

Qi and blood are closely related in the body; circulation of Qi promotes circulation of blood, and stagnation of Qi leads to stagnation of blood. In using herbs that invigorate blood and resolve blood stagnation, it is necessary to add herbs that promote Qi circulation to enhance therapeutic effects.

These herbs should be used with caution during excessive menstrual flow or pregnancy.

Chuanxiong rhizome (Chuanxiong)

Frankincense (Ruxiang)
Myrrh (Moyao)
Corydalis Tuber (Yanhusuo)
Curcuma root (Yujin)
Turmeric (Jianghuang)
Zedoary (Ezhu)
Burreed tuber (Sanleng)
Red Sage root (Danshen)
Motherwort (Yimucao)
Spatholobus stem (Jixueteng)
Peach seed (Taoren)
Safflower (Honghua)
Saffron (Fanhonghua)
Cyathula root (Niuxi)
Pangolin scales (Chuanshanjia)
Cockroach (Chechong)
Leech (Shuizhi)
Gadfly (Mengchong)
Dalbergia wood (Jiangxiang)
Bugleweed (Zelan)
Chinese rose flower (Yuejihua)
Campsis flower (Lingxiaohua)
Vaccaria seed (Wangbuliuxing)
Siphonostegia (Liujinu)
Sappan wood (Sumu)
Dragon's blood (Xuejie)