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Herbs That Benefit Urination and Drain Dampness

Herbs that benefit urination and drain dampness transform accumulated dampness or fluid into urine.  Some of these herbs also clear heat and drain dampness.  These herbs are sweet or tasteless, neutral or slightly cold, and are indicated in dysuria, edema, urinary tract disorders, phlegm-damp, jaundice and eczema.  All of these herbs should be used with caution in cases with deficiency of Yin and body fluids.

Poria (Fuling)
Umbellate pore-fungus (Zhuling)
Alismatis rhizome (Zexie)
Coix seed (Yiyiren)
Plantain seed (Cheqianzi)
Talc (Huashi)
Clematis stem (Mutong)
Ricepaper pith (Tongcao)
Lysimachia (Jinqiancao)
Lygodium spores (Haijinsha)
Pyrrosia leaf (Shiwei)
Hypoglauca yam (Bixie)
Oriental wormwood (Yinchenhao)
Broom cypress fruit (Difuzi)
Benincasa peel (Dongguapi)
Benincasa seed (Dongguaren)
Calabash gourd (Hulu)
Phaseolus seed (Chixiaodou)
Common knotgrass (Bianxu)
Pink (Qumai)
Abutilon (Dongkuizi)